Aurora in the official Ducati page!

When an OEM manfacturer uses our gear and showcases it on their website, it's the ultimate proof that our gear isn't just good—it's game-changing.

So, when we get that recognition, it's not just a win for us; it's a victory lap for innovation and expertise in off-road racing.

Ducati USA's decision to rely on our rally kits for the Baja Mexican 1000 race is a testament to the meticulous engineering and cutting-edge design infused into every component that we design and manufacture. The iconic brand ventures into the heart of rally racing, equipped with precision-engineered solutions to conquer the rugged trails of Baja with confidence. This is not an overnight decision. The trust is slowly built, and it is a result of our customers all over the world who have used and abused our rally gear during the last 10 years. It is due to them that we continue to improve, innovate, and manufacture rally parts.

photo (c): Gregor Halenda

The DesertX Rally Bikes feature our latest generation of navigation towers, a monoblock unit that is under 1kg, Denali D7 Pro lights, the unique composite tank by CFCP and a two-part air intake featuring dual stage DNA air filters.
The DNA filters were specifically manufactured for our intake, showing the commitment of the brand to excellence.
The Carbon Fiber Tank saves almost 5kg and lowers the center of gravity of the bike to further improve its off road characteristics.
The electrics are the 3nd generation units, they don't modify the OEM harness in any way, and there are fully waterproof connectors and special fuses that will automatically protect the circuits of nav gear.

The new generations of these parts, is a result of last year's experience in Hellas Rally, but also the immense testing and R&D that we've done during the last 12 months. The bike is now lighter, easier to service during riding/racing conditions and the overall riding experience is elevated.

photo (c): Gregor Halenda

We've been following the team in Baja and Alexander Smith, currently 2nd in the overall standings and 2nd in his class will try to push in the last day for the win, follow Ducati USA for more details during the race!

photo (c): Gregor Halenda

We are confident that Ducati DesertX is a bike that will play a dominant role in the off-road rally arena, we continue to push the boundaries in making it the lighter bike in its class and we are looking forward to seeing some DesertXs in Africa, on their way to Lac Rose, in Dakar. 

photo (c): Gregor Halenda

So, let's gear up, our journey to victory starts now!

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