We are Aurora.

We invent and build the most advanced motorbike parts possible. From designing a new fairing to analyzing millions of data to manufacture the best CNC components in the industry. We challenge today by manufacturing tomorrow. Welcome to Aurora. This is our story.

Aurora Rally Equipment® is based in Athens, Greece and was founded back in 2013 when the first roadbook holder with magnetic transmission was invented by our founder.

We will always use innovative technologies, materials, solutions and match it with unparalleled design and quality. We perform our own tests in the lab and back up our data using physical tests as riders. All our products are used in the rally scene by teams and riders that have vast experience in the field. 

We are honored to have had our gear on Pål Anders Ullevålseter's bike since 2014, a privateer that in 2010 finished 2nd in Dakar behind Mr. Coma. These days Pål continues to amaze us by still running Africa Eco Race and support the schools in Africa.

We also collaborate with Nicola Dutto, the paraplegic rider that has raced in the dunes of Africa and Anastasiya Nifontova, the first woman in the world to finish Dakar in Malle Moto class!

The list complete various privateers over the world who are kind enough to allow us to log data from their bikes to further improve our gear!

Our R&D department is comprised of two Craftbot 3D printers, one BambuLab X1, a FARO quantum arm, two Peel3D laser scanners, two +/-200g accelerometerstwo +/-400g accelerometers, one +/-30g accelerometer, a 3 axis CNC vertical milling center, a CAD/CAM station and proprietary MATLAB software written in house to calculate the vibration and analyze maximum forces and vibration frequencies on the bikes.

We built a dedicated laboratory to test our equipment with specially designed rigs where we can create models out of different materials to simulate the real deal before we start manufacturing. Vibration testing and impact testing will happen long before the parts reach our customers. We use back-tracing for all our parts. Each assembly is marked and we can trace them all to each batch making sure that even if mistakes happen, we will correct them on the spot and understand who is affected. We are Aurora.

Whether you are looking for a full custom build, rally parts, kits or just accessories for your bike, Aurora Rally Equipment can create a custom solution for you.

We can design a bike from the ground up or build specific parts to fulfill your needs. From custom decals to fully customized fairings. Our rally expertise allows us to prepare your bike for long distance traveling or a race in our dedicated laboratory and allow you to focus on what matters the most.

Building reliable parts involves R&D. We have some of the best people in the industry to fulfill this task. Data logging equipment is always used before we start, to understand the forces involved in off road riding, during crashing, commuting etc. so that we optimize the designs based on real world data.


Aurora Rally Equipment comes to life!

We designed and manufactured from ground up the first ever roadbook holder worldwide with magnetic transmission, removable cartridge, lifetime warranties and a crashproof shell. Nobody else in the market to date comes close to the quality, technology and engineering behind that product. That is why we were awarded a 20 year patent for it!

HDB becomes a close partner. Their technology, innovation and materials science allows both companies to push the boundaries in the rally world.

We use a +/-30g accelerometer to back up the roadbook design calculations on the 24hrs race in Greece.


We go Racing!

Merzouga Rally – 1st International Rally win with Pål Anders Ullevålseter

Collaboration with Team Suzuki Rally. Numerous Dakar entries from ’14 to ’16.

Founded the Rally Research Group. Aurora Rally and HighwayDirtbikes formed a strategic business relationship in the areas of product development, engineering, prototyping and laboratory testing of motorcycle parts and especially high tech rally components.


Africa Eco Race winners!

Pål Anders Ullevålseter wins the Africa Eco Race running Aurora Rally Equipment

FIM Championship. Anastasiya Nifontova, becomes the female champion of the world, running Aurora Rally Equipment.

Collaboration with Rally Adventures, Norway. Rally Adventures is the company that can organize your rally support from A to Z.

Rally Research Group Expansion.

Rally Navigation Solutions (RNS) joins the Rally Research Group. The group now becomes the largest alliance worldwide.


Winning strike!

1st and 2nd in Africa Eco Race with Pål Anders Ullevålseter and Andrew Newland.

Serres Rally. Stefan Svitko wins Serres Rally with Aurora Rally Equipment.

The Aurora 701 Xplorer is born. Entering the travelling sector with the only kit that uses OEM Rally Tanks and does not modify the frame of the bike in any way. The kit is the first rally kit in the market with OEM KTM rally tanks that features CNC tank brackets and a full CNC frame clamp that is designed using Generative Design techniques.

First modular navigation tower is built (our Vykon series which still available today).


Experience matters!

Africa Eco Race. Joining the Rally Adventures support team as ‘navigation equipment experts’ supporting the 1st and 2nd place bikes. Gev Sella and Pål Anders Ullevålseter respectively.

Rally Research Group Expansion. Dosmoto is uniting forces with the team. The four partners (HDB, Aurora Rally Equipment, RNS and Dosmoto) is now a Group that will serve most Rally and Traveler needs in the global market.

Morocco Desert Challenge with the Aurora 701 Xplorer. Joakim Lundby attacks MDC on his Aurora 701 Rally Replica. Wins the last stage of the race while the kit performs flawlessly.

Stefan Svitko wins Serres Rally with Aurora Rally equipment, while our 701 Xplorer steps on the podium with Kostas Chatzimihalis.


Xplorer becomes a winner!

Morocco Desert Challenge. This year Joakim Lundby and Ciaran McBride were two out of the three 701’s in the MDC, both converted with the unique Aurora 701 Rally Replica kit. Second year for Joakim Lundby, who won the >450cc class with the beast. Great reliability once again, with the kit having done two Desert Challenges without missing a beat.

The OEM tanks once again proved to be a valuable asset as even after a heavy crash they showed their strength. Heavily scratched and visually damaged, but very much operational.

Naxos Rally. We attend Naxos Adventure Rally with our 701RR. The development and testing of the kit continues.

Traveling to Greece? Foxy Wheels is becoming a close partner. Met with the team in 2017 and had a monumental time in Naxos Adventure Rally, these guys will change the game. All inclusive packages, with accommodation and traveling through the natural wonders of Greece all arranged for you. Bikes, transportation, the lot. Join us there for a unique, unforgettable experience! 


Aurora Rally Equipment expansion!

Aurora Rally Equipment is growing!

Moving to new 500sqm (5400 square feet) premises will now allow Aurora to expand and further in all areas. Prototyping, R&D and manufacturing. The new building will house all the equipment and new personnel.


701 Light kit

The HQV 701 Lite kit is complete in collaboration with Dosmoto.

The first rally kit for 701 to use molded ABS panels. In the coming years this kit will dominate the rally arena..


World domination!

Anastasiya runs in Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. She also completes Dakar in the Malle Moto class and becomes the first woman in the world to complete the event in that class!

Aurora participates in EICMA, Milan and exhibits the new versatile 690 Xplorer!


R&D Expansion

Adding two +/-200g accelerometers in our laboratory quiver.

MATLAB software is used to analyze the accelerometer data and plot graphs of the frequency and the maximum acceleration of the bikes. These data are fed up in our CAD software and predict the fatigue life of parts. Back to back virtual testing allows us to race multiple events and see the effects. Results? Better, more reliable, lighter and safer components!


Pushing the limits!

Winning Africa Eco Race with Alessandro Botturi on the handlebars and a magnetic roadbook Mk2 as the navigation device! The new Mk2 is lighter, stronger and features all ceramic ball bearings.

R&D expansion. A FARO Quantum arm allows us to digitise with micron accuracy the bikes and make parts that fit like a glove.

The new 790 Rally kit is shown in public and it immediately becomes a global hit.


Adventure market expansion.

Focusing on the Adventure and expanding our rally kit range to fit the KTM/HQV/GG enduro range! The new Enduro Rally kit features the only frame clamp in the market with internal spacers to protect the frame and as always it is guaranteed for life.

The new full CNC tower is here. Pioneering with the T700 CNC tower, the new Enduro tower is a three-piece unit. Light and as strong as it gets!


Going Superlight!

The Superlight kit is real! The full CNC tower now weights 848 grams reaching closer to the limit using acceleration data that we have since 2017, this tower is the strongest and lighter unit ever produced. The tower can be tuned depending on its application (racing, commuting, traveling) and the center of gravity is further tuned. This is the first tower to have a full 3D resin printed cable cover. Its center of gravity is so close to the frame of the bike that the tower is barely noticeable.

The patent pending Screen Safety System (S3) is now setting Aurora apart from the competition. A unique shield made from Puig combined with the S3 will allow the screen to move out of the way if hit by the rider. This way safety is increased and ergonomics are perfected as the rider can choose the screen position.

A new peel3D laser scanner is acquired. The new device will complement our FARO arm allowing us to create a digital library of bikes, speeding up the design and manufacturing process!



We added two Peel 3 laser scanners in our R&D facilities in order to speed up the reverse engineering process and allow us to further improve the fitment of the parts we make. The laser scanners from Peel are state of the art units which come with their own software to fully digitize bikes in an effortless and quick way. To infinity and beyond!


Going Racing!

The Ducati DesertX is becoming the bike to talk around the bivouac. The bike features Ducati's historical Dakar looks and it becomes and instantaneous hit. We decide that it is time to create the ultimate DesertX! A Carbon Fiber tank with a through air-filter from DNA, a mono-block navigation tower and an air intake are just some of the unique changes that were made. Stefanos Theocharis did everything in his power to bring the beast to the finish in Hellas Rally 2023 in appalling conditions before breaking his leg on day 5.

Back in the drawing board for our next step! Stay tuned for more and follow our media channel!