General Questions

Unfortunately the SpeedoX has been permanently discontinued as we were experiencing constant issues with the ever changing OEM software and hardware as well as the overhelwming amount of support in our small team.

There are no current plans to release a new batch in the near future but it possible to purchase a second hand one from a previous customer occasionally available on other platforms not affiliated with Aurora.

Technically speaking, no rally kit exists from any aftermarket manufacturer (at the time of writing) that is a legal, homologated street legal kit. Nobody can guarantee 100% that the kit will pass/fail a test, because it heavily depends on the local laws and the quality of the kit. We design and improve our kits so that you have higher chances on passing your MOT/TUV tests in your country, but it would be beyond our scope to homologate our rally kits.You can ask your local MOT/TUV inspector and we will give you all the information (materials, part numbers, design calculation results) so that you can be sure that your bike is road worthy. Wenger Bike has successfully passed MOT in Switzerland both our Xplorer and the Light kits, which is a testament to our quality and design. If you have any issues, please contact our support channel and our team will be happy to assist.

You can choose your configuration by clicking on the pop up orange "Buy it now" bar at the bottom of the kit page.

When you are happy with your configuration just click "Add to cart"

We will warranty parts on a case by case basis in the event of a manufacturing defect or other problem that is not the fault of the customer. We do warranty some parts that break in crashes but please see each individual product for more information.

Stickers are excluded from any kind of warranty after they are installed on the bike.

Aurora Rally Equipment reserves the right to refuse a warranty for any reason. Rally racing is a tough sport, and our customers bear the sole responsibility of the installation and/or usage of our products. Always fill your warranty card to make sure we have your warranty details in our records.

Before you open it, take detailed pictures of the unopened box from all angles

After you open it, take carefully everything out of the box and inspect it for damage. Take plenty of pictures of any damaged parts and email us everything on so can we open a case with our carrier for your shipment. We will take over from here and keep you updated on your case's progress.

We suggest to insure your order to help the claim process as uninsured items can often be turned down by the carrier's insurance policy.

If the package is visibly damaged, we suggest to open it in front of the carrier and make sure they take note of the damage and/or missing components and get a copy of the freight bill. DHL couriers are liable to give you a written note (if you ask) to verify that the box delivered was indeed damaged.

Yes you can! We can give you the contact details of our reliable and trusted suppliers so that you can get a fully customised kit. Our suppliers have our rally kit templates, ensuring that the decals will fit exactly as they should on your bike.

Regarding the cost, this will vary especially if you end up producing custom decals in the States, which we recommend but we no longer design the decals ourselves we refer you to our external designer who will create a preview based on your request and will charge you separately for them. Price starts from 240€ and can vary depending on design complexity and number of decals you will require (eg. if you wish to dress everything including both fenders, fork protectors, handguards etc the price will be higher).

Yes. We offer crash replacement parts as a discounted prices. Depending on the crash, we offer different discounts. The reason is that we want to try and learn from these crashes. We, therefore, offer different discount packages according to the situation. We are mainly interested in the metallic parts, since we do the design, the R&D and machining. The cosmetic parts (plastic panels) are of interest and we do offer discounts, but they are not critical parts in finishing an event.

Highest discount (applies to metallic parts only).

In collaboration with us, during official rally events we can equip you with high speed accelerometers in order to get useful data. If you have been equiped with such an accelerometer, and you have logged the whole race we would need the following:

  • Ship us back the accelerometer and all the files associated with it. The files should contain the accelerometer records.
  • We receive all the broken parts.
  • You have camera footage either from onboard the bike or from an outsider.
  • We get a detailed description of the crash.
  • We get information about the event.
  • The accelerometers have to be shipped back in the original condition!

Medium discount (applies to metallic and plastic parts).

  • We receive the broken parts.
  • You have camera footage either from onboard the bike or from an outsider.
  • We get a detailed description of the crash.

Low discount (applies to metallic and plastic parts).

  • We receive the parts.
  • You send us a detailed description of the crash.
  • In all cases you have to contact us at in order to initiate the process.

Customers can cancel distance or off-premises purchases, without needing to give a reason, within 10 bussiness days of the order confirmation email. The cancellation must be declared to Aurora via written communication (email) and the customer must bare the cost of return postage for the goods.

Please note that the shipping cost is not refundable in case the goods have already shipped at the time of cancellation. Aurora will process the refund within 14 days of the date on which it was informed of the customer’s decision to cancel the order.

Please note that the above policy does not apply to the Xplorer and Super kit range (please see relevant disclaimer on the product page) as they are considered a custom product.

Xplorer and lite kit specific Questions

If you own one of our Lite kits (701/690) there is an intermediate dedicated kit build for the customers who wish to upgrade from the Lite kit to the full Xplorer.

This kit is called the Super kit (701/690).

In the images below you can see the 5 in 1 deal on our 701/690 model series.

5in1 701
8in1 690

The Super kit offers the range with addition of all the fueling and hydraulics you will need, and you get to keep all the navigation parts from your Lite kit.

The Super 701/690 kit also is suitable for the customer who will benefit from the additional range but are not interested in the navigation aspect.

The height of the bike fully kitted out is approximately 150cm tall.

The touring seat is almost the same height as the stock seat (10mm difference) and the Rally seat is 20mm higher than the stock sea. As of 2023 the Rally seat is not available anymore. We can supply the foam and the pan separately but the modification (padding and cover) must be done by the customer

Unlike in other solutions, we use two (2) fuel pumps and that weight needs to be considered. The fuel lines, extra non-return valves, harnesses, switches etc. all add up. Remember we are also using billet, warrantied for life brackets all around the bike. A lot of people debate about the composite navigation towers, how light they are and the weight saving in the total kit. Looks aside we bow to reliability. That is what matters the most when you are traveling or racing.

Aurora Lite kit with stock exhaust and battery: 153.8kg. Adding only 2kg more on the standard bike. Change the exhaust and the battery to a Li-Po unit, and you'd have a bike which would be 149.5kg.

Aurora Xplorer. We are at 162.8kg without fuel for and OEM setup (stock exhaust and battery) and at 158.5kg with a silencer and Li-Po battery.

All Stock 701 Enduro: 151.8kg
All Stock bike with Aurora Rally Lite: 153.8kg

All Stock 701 Enduro: 151.8kg
701 silencer and Li-Po battery: 147.5kg
701 silencer and Li-Po battery and Aurora Rally Lite: 149.5kg (approx. 157.3kg fully fueled)

All Stock 701 Enduro: 151.8kg
701 silencer and Li-Po battery: 147.5kg
All stock bike with Aurora Xplorer: 162.8kg
701 silencer and Li-Po battery and Aurora Xplorer: 158.5kg
(approx. 179.5kg fully fueled with 28lts of fuel).

To compare it with other bikes in the market:

MY19 KTM 450 Rally: Wet weight 161.22kg (31L fuel)
Aurora 701 Xplorer: Wet weight 183.77kg (stock - 28L fuel)
BMW 850 GS: Wet weight 229kg (15L fuel)
Yamaha T700: Wet weight 204kg (16L fuel)
KTM790 Adventure: Wet weight 204kg (20L fuel)

In some kits we supply and RGB position light with the kit which is already pre-installed in your light.

The rgb position light comes in 7 different colors and you can adjust it accordingly. We allow the customer with the freedom to adjust at own accord. Please see below:

RGB LED CIRCLE X6/12V comes with six RGB5050 LEDs & one code switch. Seven colors are selectable by means of code switches. This LED board gives an eye-catching effect to your multirotors or planes when illuminated.

•    B ON =Blue, 0.64W, 0.04A
•    R ON =Red, 0.64W, 0.04A
•    G ON =Green, 0.64W, 0.04A
•    B+R =Magenta, 1.28W, 0.08A
•    B+G =Cyan, 1.28W, 0.08A
•    R+G =Yellow, 1.28W, 0.08A
•    B+R+G =White, 1.92W, 0.12A

The Aurora navigation tower is made from aluminium. Since the tower affects heavily the stability of the bike, we do have to factor in the physics of it.  If you are familiar regarding mass centralization, low center of gravity etc.

In our humble opinion, when people clone the KTM® factory tower, not only they show some serious lack of design skills, but copying something that was designed to carry a 2kg device when the tower will be used for traveling, will never result in good results. That is because, if you look at the KTM cloned rally towers, the lights are far away from the tower and the cables and rectifier buried inside it which is not only impractical as you have to disassemble the whole tower to get to them but also dangerous because if the rectifier is not properly cooled it over heat and then you will have some real world problems.

Unless you put the iritrack in there, the center of gravity is far away from the bars and that is never a good thing. This is something that can be masked with a stabilizer, and while it will not affect in everyday riding that much, when you need stability in an off road situation, you will not have it.

We alter the center of gravity of our tower by mixing materials and thicknesses. Some parts are steel, some are aluminum and some parts are plastic. Our unique CNC range and Monoblock range have continuously changing thickness to optimize performance.

The idea is that you reach your destination. There you can take action. Destination can be Mongolia, or a rally bivouac. But our design logic is to allow the riders to reach home, wherever this may be and fix their bikes there. You can read more in our Technical Blog, but the idea is to make a tower with different zones that will deform to protect your gear. The mechanics of each accident may be different, but you get the idea.

The tank has a triple layer shield, rated for dragster use, so it's well protected and the distance from the exhaust is such that no problems will occur. Regarding the heat, depends on the situation. If the bike is stationary for a long time (city traffic) and it's hot (Greek summer...) then yes, you may feel the heat, but not in an uncomfortable way. From all our Xplorer customers we never got such a comment.

Should you reach extreme situations (stationary or fighting in the Africa Dunes during their summer) we suggest that you upgrade your fan with the fan from the 701LR model. It's larger and it will help cool the bike quicker too.

The head clamp is indeed different. As of 2023 we are in our 4th generation CNC frame clamps. All the calculations are done to make sure that the frame clamp will be ready for rally racing use. The speed itself is not a good criteria to judge strength. You can go up to the maximum speed that the 701 will reach regardless the final ratio. The difficult part is the off-road riding and/or jumps/hits where the frame clamp is stressed the most. We have used data from accelerometers on navigation towers on Africa Eco Race, commuting, motocross tracks, Hellas Rally and others. Both on the bike and the navigation tower actually. These forces are simulated in our CAD, and we do the analysis both for failure criteria, safety factors and fatigue analysis. See our technical blog for more information on how do we do it!

All our CNC clamps are guaranteed for the life of the vehicle anyways and so far since 2016 we have zero failures on frame clamps. We intend to keep it this way!

It is essentially a thermistor on the fuel pump.
Imagine a closed circuit from the negative pole of the battery to the positive one. In between there is the reserve light and the thermistor. The lamp on the reserve light that we give has a certain current draw. As the thermistor is slowly getting warmer, the resistance in the circuit changes and the light will go on. Therefore, it needs time. It will not go on like an LED, but as the thermistor gets warmer, it will illuminate.

The skid plate is made from Carbon fiber. You can slide over logs, but it was not designed to do it. Neither on our bike, nor on the KTM® Rally replica. The design is such that allows the tanks to be protected and the front mounting points are flexible, so that the hits are absorbed, rather than 'taken on' . Our Xplorers have been in Morocco desert challenge and in general, there is no problem as such with the skid plates. Hit a rock with speed? Depends on the speed. The bike fully loaded is close to 179kg (with Li-Po battery and aftermarket end can). Add to that a 100kg rider and we are in the 300kg range without panniers. This is some serious momentum there trying to stop with he skid plate. We have abused ours pretty good in the Albania and Serres rally and customers have raced the bikes with no issues since 2016.
Since mid 2023 we are in our 5th generation skid plates. They are stronger, thicker and more protective than before.

KTM 7/890 specific questions

The weight is always an important factor. The 790 Adventure is the perfect way to explain that the actual weight of the parts does not actually matter. It’s the design behind them that matters the most. The 790 Adventure for example has a belly tank which keeps the fuel load low and the mass centralization on this bike is pretty unique. Just push the bike around and it feels feather-light. It’s not that it is light. It’s that the closer the mass is to the center of gravity, the less the ‘weight’ effect that we feel. The Aurora 790 Rally kit is designed with the same principle. The weight of the bike remains unchanged with the kit, but the center of gravity of the whole assembly is moved closer to the headstock of the bike, minimizing the ‘cantilever’ effect. The lights and the main parts of the tower bring the weight closer to the handlebars, while smart choice of materials, further allowed us to ‘move’ the center of gravity where we wanted it in the design phase. For example, the stainless steel bottom cover, is chosen (both in design, geometry and thickness) so that the center of gravity of the assembly is moved lower and closer to the bike. This results in a rally kit that not only will improve the looks of your 790 Adventure, but increase the functionality and performance as well!

The height of the bike fully kitted out is approximately 150cm tall.

The CANbus controller itself does not void the warranty. We are using the CANbus, we are communicating on the bus with an approved chipset and communicating in the same way as the factory headlight unit.  (Same priority, same intervals, same frequency, etc).  The chip we are using is a Microchip ATA6561.  It is fully ISO 11898-2,-5, and SAE J2284 compliant.  We only transmit out on CAN ID 0x650.
We have to be really careful on the warranty side. Whenever you alter anything on the bike the warranty is void. An exhaust pipe, an air filter etc. will void the warranty. This is also stated in the manual, it's not something that we come up with. There is a lot of background going on, with competitors stating online that the CANbus controller will void the warranty of the bike. This is not true. The moment you decide to put a kit on the bike, the warranty is void. It is up to the dealer to see if the kit interfered with the said part and then claim the warranty for that part. That is the truth.
From our history, the CANbus has never caused a failure of any kind on the bike, and we try our best to deliver a kit that even KTM® dealers will buy and re-sell. So far are record is squeaky clean regarding warranty issues. I hope the above makes sense, let us know if you need any further help.

Our 7/890 includes three main lights to choose from, all included in the kit price.

The M60 Hella Low beam projector (1) has been upgraded with a high quality LED bulb. Since the projector has a cut-off installed by Hella, the light will not blind online traffic and give you a super bright light for your night explorations, while being street legal. This is not included in the US 7/890 rally kits.

The Baja Designs Squadron Sport (2) comes preinstalled in the kit. It's for off-road use only, but it will make your night traveling off road easier and safer. It comes with a combo pattern (two spot-two side) to give you extra light where it matters the most.

(3)The M60 Led light, straight from the Dakar winning KTM!

Universal specific questions

If you don't know what the iritrack device is, go to the next question!
Yes you can, depending on the setup of the bike you may need to remove the fender in order to remove the iritrack as our target was to place it as low as possible on the navigation system. It is a heavy item and this would be he optimum.

The rectifier in this kit can have three positions.
1. In the middle of the tower, protected, but still getting fresh air.
2. Just behind the lights, in case you fill the tower space with cabling.
3. On top of the tower using a special bracket that we can supply at exra cost.

The kit comes with Hella legar lighs (both high and low beam). You cannot install anything else unless you hack the light mask.

Yes, you will need some extra parts, but this is a valid upgrade as it will give you many more lighting options and also give some more protection due to the screen that we use.

Superlight specific questions

That heavily depends on what you put on the tower. We only want to compare apples to apples with other manufacturers are well, so the weight of the tower is 848 grams. This is the lightest CNC tower that was ever produced by the Aurora engineering team. Is is also one of the strongest navigation towers in the market, and has the lifetime warranty. You break it, we change it.

Nope. The Superlight kit was designed with minimum size in mind. It is the smallest kit that we have and there is no room for anything else, let alone the iritrack device which is pretty big!

It's a type of resin that is printed on special UV printers.

Yes we can. The Screen Safety System (S³) has three sliding points. Two on the side screen brackets and on the top S3 unit. You can adjust the friction of the top S3 unit up to a point. After that, if the screen still moves when you ride the bike, you can increase the friction of the side brackets by tightening the spring loaded bolts. This way you basically ''applying the brakes'' on the screen mechanism. Remember that this is to allow the screen to move in a controlled way.

Since 2013 there are no gimmicks in our product line, so definitely a no! 
The screen safety system has been in the works for some years now from the Aurora engineering team and we finally got it out in 2022. The system allows you to control the way the screen moves, adjust it in various positions and the screen will not only move out of the way, but there is a mode that will allow the screen to uncouple from the top of the tower. We have very good feedback from the customers so far and the next step is to couple the S³ with the new system that is in the works and will further protect the riders in a way that it was not possible before.

KTM 950/990 specific questions

There is no difference in the final weight of the bike. The final weight will remain unchanged. The benefit, looks aside, is the functionality, headlights and better air protection.

The Adventure side panels are made out of ABS, were the rally side panels are made from Fiberglass. For both of them we have Carbon Fiber alternatives to decrease the weight. With the Rally side panels installed, developed from Chris Cork when he run Africa Eco Race, the lower triple clamp is exposed, allowing you to pull the bike using straps in the dunes without damaging the side panels.

We remove the OEM cables from the switch. This way we have room for a perfect shaped tower. The steering lock can stay were it is and it is fully functional. We supply a second switch that you install on the cockpit which allows you to turn on and off the bike. For racing use, you can use a connector dongle (a jumper) to start the bike so that you remove the extra switch from the cockpit and decrease the chances of it getting damaged during a race.

Yes. All panel types are interchangeable.

Tenere specific questions

The weight of the bike remains unchanged, but a lot of functionality and protection is added. With the Carbon Fiber side panels, you can decrease the weight slightly. Taking into account that all the OEM parts are injection molded plastic and the kit parts are CNC aluminum and fiberglass (or CF), it was not an easy task to stay in the same number!

No, our side panels will not fit, only if you are up to the task of modifying them!

Only if you decide. We do not offer other street legal light options for the kit. We have some racing add on parts and you remove the OEM headlight to place only one Baja Squadron Pro. This will save close to 1.5kg from your bike.

Ducati DesertX specific questions

That would be a positive guess. As the air filter is not an OEM unit, the air intake is now modified , chances are that if you run into problems with the engine, the OEM will decline your warranty. We take every care to make sure that our system is superior in every aspect, so there is no need to worry, but still once it comes down to engine wear, the OEM will just point you to the manual which states that if you add aftermarket parts, the warranty will simply not be honored.

No, no, no! No way. This is a tank that is made out of composite materials, developed for racing use only in a controlled environments. We took every care designing and testing it, but such is the nature of the part and system that depending on the crash, the tank may rupture. You will not be able to pass TUV/MOT etc. with this tank too, so you may need to revert back to the civil mode, every time you want to pass MOT, or every time you need to run the bike into public roads.

No way! This is a unit that is meant to be used off-road.

During high pollution situations (desert, rain, dust etc.) you can close the air intake. Even if you leave it open, it will not cause problems, but as now more dust is directed to the air filter the system will be overloaded with dust.

Good question indeed.
A special high fender, a solo rear rack, Ultra Light skid plate, number plate eliminator, speed relocation only (comes std with the rally kit), Ultra Light crash bars. And that is just the start!

Understand the differences!

You can see the differences between the kits and judge based on six different aspects. Some you win, some you lose, but the 5 in 1 deal that we have (allowing you to swap between the Xplorer and the lite kits) will give you the option to have three different bikes all in one go! (Xplorer, Super and Lite). Should you decide to go ultra lite, you cannot go wrong with the Superlight kit, while the Baja will give you the option for a full FIM racing setup. Study, think and choose!

On the spider charts on the left you can see the Aurora towers and how they compare to each other. You can see the advantages and the differences between the different towers regarding their weight, material, strength, ergonomics, the ability to install FIM gear etc. Do you feel that this chart does not answer your questions? Do send us an email!