Speedo-X One - Aurora Rally Equipment USA

SPORT mode

The main indicated parameters are the speed and the rev counter.

Other parameters include:
• Lean angle
• Odometer > Trip 1 > Trip 2
• Night mode (the unit will automatically dim during certain conditions to aid readability and reduce eye fatigue)
• Engine coolant temperature
• Battery voltage
• Fuel reserve light
• Fi Error
• Service time (you set manually the interval)
• Side stand reminder
• Ambient temperature
• Gear
• Time

race mode

This mode is designed with the Supermoto riders in mind. All the data that are vital during track time are displayed in the main area of the Speedo-X (gear position, lap time, lap number, fuel reserve light and Fi light), while other, not so important data are either removed or shown in the lower portion of the screen. The lap time can be activated using the left OEM handlebar switch. For the curious to know how far a drift goes, the lean angle is displayed in the left lower edge of the screen, while Speedo-X will give information about the Last lap time and the best lap time.

dtc mode

Speedo-X will communicate through the service connector on the bike, and it will read all the trouble codes that the ECU will pop up. During this mode you will be able to read and clear the Diagnostic Trouble Codes from the bike’s ECU. Unless you are properly qualified to do so, you are not advised to tamper with this mode, just use it to see the errors and take appropriate action. If the errors are not cleared by the ECU, you are advised to contact your local dealer.


This mode is inspired from the 890 dash and it features a layout that is built around the rev counter. Vital information is displayed on the left side of the rev counter (odometer and trips, coolant temp, battery voltage and ambient temp) while auxiliary info (such as the high beam, fuel reserve light, Fi, service and side stand) are displayed on the lower right portion of the screen. The gear indicator completes the picture of this layout. Throttle position is also shown on this layout.

TOUR mode

Inspired by the big GS bikes, this more features a unique color-coded rev counter while the speedometer is located in the center of the screen with the gear indicator next to it. On the top of the screen, the throttle position can be seen, together with the coolant temperature, battery voltage and odometers. On the lower portion, below the speedometer the rider gets information about the ambient temperature, high beam, fuel reserve, Fi, service time, side stand and time. The snail icon indicates that the unit cannot communicate with the ECU, so vital information will be missed, but it protects the unit from freezing if anything happens and gives the ability to take corrective action.

RALLY mode

Since Aurora is involved in the Speedo-X development, a rally mode could not be missing from the equation! In this mode, an adjustable trip meter is the main information that the rider will see. Make no mistake, this is not supposed to replace the rally computers, but it will give you the ability to ride with a roadbook map, adjust the trip and have fun while in an amateur race or while exploring roadbooks that you made yourself with online programs! The rev counter is on the top, so you do not stress the engine during those moments that you were lost, and vital information are kept in the center of the screen. Coolant temperature is more pronounced on the right side of the screen, so that you keep an eye on it, while all the other information is packed on the lower portion of the screen.


  • If you own any rally kit from Aurora, you can mount it with the included CNC bracket that you will find in the kit in our backplates.
  • If you do not own one of our rally kits or if you want to keep that space for a GPS and a mobile phone for example, you can attach the Speedo-X on the top of your handlebars with the CNC bracket that is included in the kit.

Please do contact us for more information if your bike is not shown in the compatibility list.

Speedo-X is made out of black anodized Billet Aluminum and Acetal. It is fully waterproof and you will have the ability to upgrade the software in the future, plus, we will be able to make custom screens upon request and at extra cost.

Absolutely not! Sticking to our heritage of plug and play accessories, installing Speedo-X involves no modifications to the bike, other than fun fun fun!

You can run Speedo-X both with and without the OEM speedo as the cable to connect to the bike's harness is supplied. Removing the OEM speedometer will just result in not having the total km/miles of the bike to be logged in, but since you have the ability to adjust the odometer in Speedo-X, you will know exactly what is going on as far as total odo is concerned!

The warning light bulbs (oil pressure, turn indicator and ABS button) neither can be removed from the bike nor replaced by Speedo-X.
Speedo-X will not show that information so you are advised to keep these lamps on the bike.

what's in the box

  • Speedo-X One
  • OBD extension cable for connecting Speedo-X to the bike's ECU
  • OBD Y-adapter to connect Speedo-X and an ABS dongle simultaneously
  • Speed sensor cable
  • Mounting brackets for both Aurora Rally backplates (APMS pattern, pictured) and direct mount on the handlebars
  • All the necessary mounting hardware (bolts, washers, rubber grommets etc.)
  • Full instruction manual

Speedo-X One is compatible with:

  • Husqvarna 701 Enduro MY2020 and later (EU models: F2603T1, F2603TU1 / US models: F2675T1, F2675U1)
  • Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR 2020 (EU model: F2603T2 / US model: F2675T2)
  • Husqvarna 701 Supermoto MY2020 and later (EU models: F2603T3, F2603U3 / US models: F2675T3, F2675U3)
  • KTM 690 Enduro R MY2019 and later (EU models: F9703S8, F9703T8, F9703U8 / US models: F9775S8, F9775T8, F9775U8)
  • KTM 690 SMC R MY2019 and later (EU models: F9703S9, F9703T9, F9703U9 / US models: F9775S9, F9775T9, F9775U9)