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Change lenses in 5 seconds? No problem!

The problem with the current technology of motocross goggles, is that more often than not, the lens mechanism results in frustration, dirty lenses, while when the goggles are put back on, fogging is the result of this effort.

Allow us to present you a unique system that solves all of the above, and more!


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Introducing the Aurora Magnetic Goggle, which was developed in collaboration with Red Dot Extreme (AUS).

Red Dot Extreme collaborated with Aurora Rally Equipment to develop advanced coating for these goggles, which is both robust and difficult to scratch in the sand and dusty conditions, yet the light tint allows the riders to use the same lens during day and night.

From our end, we tested these goggles with Dakar riders, motocross racers and privateers to make sure that these goggles are unique, reliable and innovative to have our logo on them.

Their magnetic lenses with the quick release lock is unique and patented, and for sure they make the riding experience more enjoyable.

The nose area is designed so that even if the helmet pushes the goggles down, they will not interfere with your nose and the wide field of view makes it easier to ride stress free.

The triple layer foam, is not only efficient, but its density was specifically chosen to absorb the sweat from your face and allow for quick evaporation.

This is the first Magnetic Goggle with a quick release safety lock, that prevents the lenses from falling out in an event of a crash, increasing the safety of your eyes/face.

The magnetic lenses not only serve as a frame, allowing the main part to be flexible so that it follows the face contours closely, but they have two air ducts that increase the air flow, keeping you cool during the hot days. Special foam net on the top of the frame, allows quick air extraction, getting that hot air out of the mask.

Make no mistake, the air ducts are not there to prevent fog, as the Aurora Magnetic Goggles are supplied with a light tint, dual layer lenses with anti-fog insert.

The magnetic system allows you to clean the lenses, swap or just take them out to take some fresh air (!) in less than 5 seconds, allowing you to put them back on without getting them dirty, a usual problem with other, mechanical systems.

The Aurora Magnetic Goggles come in a premium Goggle Bag, while the removable strap means that you can change it at a later stage if it gets damaged.


  • Unique magnetic lenses with mechanical quick lock
  • Spare parts available on request
  • Anti UV light tint coating
  • Anti slip adjustable strap
  • Wide vision lenses
  • Unique nose profile
  • Flexible frame that follows your face contours
  • Goggle bag included in the price
  • Triple layer, different density foam
  • Adjustable air ducts