Scott Britnell reaches Dakar finish line using Aurora equipment

Scott did his part. He finished the hardest rally on planet earth. Malle Moto style. Let’s do our part and help him! Click the link! ?

The man, the box and the machine. I have known Scott since… ehm… 11/08/2015. Yeap. I checked my emails. ? It was back in that exact date that he wrote to me: ”I am intending on competing in Dakar in the coming years.” . Fast forward two years later and I was discussing with Scott everything I knew about bike preparation, our rally equipment that was on his bike, preventative measures. The lot. So, Scott goes as a rookie. For Scott this is not enough, so he goes Malle Moto. Being one of the most humble riders I have met, never cocky, never theatrical, but always original, he got the job done. Failure was never an option for Scott. To hell with it, he would carry the 450 back to camp if needed (P.V.). He came 61st, out of the 85 finishers, Scott rode almost one day more than the winner (KTM – M. Walkner). Last year it was Anastasiya that got the Aurora gear onto the podium, now it’s a friend from Australia, making everybody proud. Looking forward to hearing the whole story mate. Drink, get rest, and fly safe back home.